Our company


WQR is an outsourcing solution provider for sales and marketing services. It is simple, our talents and resources become your sales force in a cost-effective way. We have been over 30 years helping our clients increasing their revenue and growing their accounts in any targeted market. We shared the success of many companies across the globe. WQR is a turnkey solution investing heavily in recruiting talents, competent internal and field sales team, product launching and management, channel management, support and special skilled resources. Our leaders are well recognized in the industry with their achievements and credibility. We ensure the best results and long term partnership with our clients.

We have expert sales people with over 20 years of experience. We built a proven process and activities to provide you with guaranteed results. Moreover, our highly skilled team is able to grow your revenue and support to your business strategy. With tremendous experience from different industries, we can train your sales team and launch your product line into a profitable new market. We are specialized in data analysis to measure your success and sales cycle process. Our proven activities are constructive, efficient and productive to form your channel partnership and customer loyalty. We have been recognized with our work environment as the best place and leadership team.

We build your channel partnerships and expand your revenue through strategic VARs, DMRs, Distributions, Direct sales and customer engagement. Our sales acceleration process puts you ahead of your competitions and has you constantly achieve your business goal with reasonable investment. WQR Competitive Advantages:

  • High ROI
  • Competent Expertise
  • Customized strategy with faster results
  • Benefits from existing Resources and infrastructure